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The best place to begin your research. Search many databases . Nominal Rolls from WW1 and the Boer War. Search photographs and private collections. Also if  your soldier was killed be sure to check the Red Cross Missing and Wounded files. The information found in these files are  usually eyewitness accounts of what happened.
This site give you information on what is including in an Army Service Record. There is an online order form where you can purchase your Anzacs Service record for Aust. $16.20.
A Fantastic Site By John Woods. Take the time to listen to the audio/visual  versions of some of the greatest poetry of WW1.
Really worth visiting.  
 Leaders of ANZACS -        
 Anzac Officers died at Gallipoli
A site by Bryn Dolan that is informative and interesting. Also has a biographical listing of the 2543 men who served in the 5th Lighthorse, 1st AIF. Bryn has spent years researching the ANZACS , and I highly recommend his site.Many useful links as well
Ross Mallet's site provides a reference tool for the reader or researcher of Australian military history and for the genealogist. It lists the units and formations of the First AIF along with information about them including where they were raised, when they departed Australia and where they served.
A good site with lot of information about Anzac Day and much moreThis website has been shortlisted for The Australian Awards for Excellence in Education Publishing for 2003
Since its inception in 1999, the Australian War Graves Photographic Archive has endeavoured to fulfil its specific mission statement; to provide relatives of our brave Military Heroes, with photos of the graves and memorial commemorations
A commemoration of ANZAC and a look at Australians at War.This site contains alot of information for any veteran seeking information
This site has been developed as an aid to those interested in the First War World, specifically Ypres. The purpose is not to glorify war, but to give an insight into what life must of been like during the First World War and Ypres today, now a town of peace.
Thinking about taking  tour to the places  our Diggers fought - make sure to pay a visit to this site first