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Letters Home

Letters written by Christopher Sutton

France   Trenches           8 February 1917
Dear Will & Nell
At pres. my abode is in a brick oven. On sentry last 4 days, a new cobber as the old ones are away at school cept, Wal & Chris and they are signalling so only get to see them when we get a shift. Came straight in here out of hospital. The cold is dreadful, our post is standing on bout 6 inches of ice & everything has been white nearly a month. Had heavy shelling last night - lasting 2 hrs. Did alot of ducking I tell you.
Got much mail when I came back 8 one day & 15, 3 days later but to date no parcels. Have had touch Rheumatism last 3 days. The cousins (Eng) write pretty regulary. Sorry to heaar not much luck with crop. How I would like to have a peep  at you all and the home and garden. Our batt is much broke up expect newly organised at an early date. Had a letter from Willie Whyte last week. Was rather surprised at Ness & Jack, they might have waited & given us a spree. Never mind I'll be even with them when I get back. Old Fritz's planes are hovering round this morn. Well I'll have to ring off my hands are like stone. Love to you all
No. 6084
Yours Fondly
Tell Lorna she won't know her Uncle when he comes home. No mo to pull

Belgium                13  June 1917

Dear Will & Nell,
no doubt after scanning the papers you will feel anxious about the Boys. Well I 'm pleased to say we came through it. Though it was a hell, poor old Wal, Jim, Lawsy & Chris are all in hospital with wounds but none are serious, Wals down through shoulders (shrapnel) Jim's slight in arm, Lawry's arm wound & Chris (shrap) above elbow. Fred and myself being unscratched also Freddie Sahr (Maryborough). It was a great ordeal, rather than a fine sight to see Fritz run. Just had a letter from Bert. He is doing alright & likely to go to Blighty. Glad he wasa out of this lot. His mate Frank fell & Cecil wounded. Saw ? yesterday, he came through safely, Jack Slattery in hospital shellshock, I have been a bit crook with the gas but not off duty. Am looking forward to Aussy mail. Just had a letter from one of blighty cousins (Maud Hutton) Hope you get group photo I sent. Had one taken as a Despatch R on Bike but is no good. Am still on at HQuarters. Our Cas were 2/3 rdsare now out for a re-organisation. Am amongst Scotty & N Zdrs here, are both a fine lot of chaps. We find it pretty hot now. Think the winter must have made us soft. Well I'll sign off, hope all at home are well. Remember me to Will Whyte, tell him been to busy to write lately & now I 'll conclude
with love to all
your affect. Bro
                                                XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX           for the kiddies

France                     Nov 19 1917

Dear Will & Nell,
recieved your ever welcome letter last week What a time you have had with the floods. Glad you got rid of Robin, it will make one less to be idle. You know I am satisfied with whatever you think best. Hope you sell 5 ft harvester too. Well I'm pleased to say I'm feeling pretty good. Also Jim & Chris who are with us. Fred has written & says arm is healing (In Blighty) Jim has just heard from co he is recovering in a France. Wal is still in Blighty & is at sig. school. Laury is on some gaurd ( rumours of it being permanent.) Fred says he'll have to try & get a leaf out of his book. Glad to hear Albert got homesafely & expect Charlie Whyte is back ere this. Remember me to them. Pleased to note you get allowance O.K & find it useful. Well dear Bro & Sister I have just been notified that 6084 has been awarded the Military
Medal. It was on Oct 12th. On what was our hottest stunt.The 1st two runners sent out failed to get through with an important message & it fell to my lot next, however after dodging from machine gun & snipers fire also a heavy barage of shells & creeping from shell hole to shell hole through mud, rain & slush. I managed to find 1 of our boys in a shell hole among some dead and wounded & from them I learnt that most of our O.C's had gone down. However I went on furthur down the hill some 150 yrds & found 1 of our old BCoy O.C's and and awaiting a reply gradually made my way back reaching HQ'S
2 and 3/4 hrs from time of leaving. We put in 2 days & 3 nights at this & although casualty list not as heavy twas much hotter than Messines.
I never wish to see anything like it again. Well I've not seen Bert for about 10 days, as he is in the trenches also, but I hear they are in a fairly quiet sector. Just got a parcel from Mother (birthday) in good condition. Well I must ring off for just now the messages are rolling out.
With fond love to all
your fond bro