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The following articles about Myrrhee Soldiers were kindly supplied to this site by Kaye Patterson

Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday February 9, 1916
MYRRHEE. .... Mr Thomas JARROTT volunteered his services, but was
rejected. Messrs Roy STICKELS, Archie PATTERSON and Douglas BRYAN have passed the doctor, and will shortly go into camp.

Wangaratta Chronicle Saturday February 12, 1916
 Thursday was a fairly busy day at the Wangaratta enlisting office, 20 recruits being examined, and of this number 15 were accepted. The accepted included some exceptionally fine men. One stood 6ft 1in in his socks, weighed 13.7 and measured 40 in
normal round the chest. Two others stood 6ft 1/2in, and another 6ft, weighed 12.7 to 13.3, and measured 36in to 39in round the chest.Following are the enlistments at the Wangaratta Depot since Tuesday last: Wednesday, 6 offered, 5 accepted; Thursday, 20 offered, 15 accepted; Friday, 6 offered, 4 accepted.
Following are the names of recruits accepted:

Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday March 1, 1916
LIST OF DISTRICT RECRUITS. The following are the recruits attested at the
Wangaratta Recruiting Centre, from 1st January to 26 February. ... Shire
of Oxley. W T JARROTT Myrrhee, J M JARROTT Myrrhee, L FORGE Myrrhee, H BRIDGER Myrrhee, R STICKELS Myrrhee, C HANDCOCK Myrrhee, J F LESLIE Myrrhee, W FORGE Myrrhee, Les FORGE Myrrhee, A G PATTERSON Myrrhee....

Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday March 22, 1916
MYRRHEE. About 50 people assembled at the residence of Mrs CRYER an
Wednesday evening last to bid farewell to Pte John JARROTT who is to leave
shortly for the front. Mr John EVANS presided, and the usual toasts were
proposed and honoured. The Chairman presented Pte. JARROTT with a gold
medal (suitably inscribed) referred to the high esteem in which the
recipient was held in this district, and wished him God speed and a safe
return. Pte JARROTT suitably responded. The Chairman also made special
reference to the way in which the young men of this district have
volunteered. .... Arrangements are being made to entertain a number of
volunteers at a gathering to be held in the school next Saturday evening. ...

Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday April 12, 1916
"MYRRHEE. A very pleasant evening was spent at Mrs CRYER's barn on
Saturday last, when eleven volunteers were tendered a farewell by the
residents. The hall was tastefully decorated by ladies with the flags of
the Allies, and mottoes. Mr John EVANS, of Redcamp, ably filled the duties
of chairman, and said he was very pleased to have the honor of speaking on
such an occasion, when they were farewelling their young soldier boys.
The usual toasts were proposed and honoured. The principal speakers were
The Chairman on presenting each of the recipients with a gold medal
(suitably inscribed) wished them good luck and a safe return.
Sergeant JARROTT suitably responded on behalf of the volunteers.....
Following are the names of the soldiers entertained:- Corpl. W JARROTT,

Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday May 3, 1916
"MYRRHEE. A farewell social was held last Monday night at Mr SHANLEY's
barn, when a large number of friends met to give a send-off to Pte. Jas
LESLIE, of Myrrhee. It was a pleasant social evening. Mr Jno EVANS
occupied the chair, and speeches were made by Messrs Jos LEWIS, W GIBSON, W
GIBB. The presentation of a wristlet watch was made by Mr EVANS, who
wished the recipient God-speed and good luck. Pte. Archie PATTERSON was
presented with a spirit flask by members of the Cricket Club, the
presentation being made by the President, Mr E EVANS. ...."

Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday May 10, 1916
MYRRHEE. The friends of Pte D BRYAN will be sorry to hear that he was on
Wednesday last taken to the Base hospital, Melbourne, suffering from a
severe attack of cerebro-spinal meningitis. Pte BRYAN belongs to the 37th
Battalion, Seymour, and would otherwise have been sailing in a few days.
.... No fewer than 34 men have volunteered from this district to date, 27
of whom have been accepted. This is over a third of the population. If
every district did as well there would be no need for conscription.
Mr Chas HANDCOCK, of Myrrhee, has the following letter from his son, Pte
Ralph HANDCOCK, of the Cycle Company, somewhere in Northern France...
Mr Chas HANDCOCK, of Myrrhee, has received the following letter, dated 25th
April, from his son, Sapper Bert HANDCOCK, who writes from France..
Pte Frank HANDCOCK, son of Mr C HANDCOCK, Myrrhee, writes from Egypt on
April 30...
Another son of Mr Chas HANDCOCK, in camp at Seymour, writing home on June
8th, says:- I like the camp life here. I am in good health. We will not
be leaving here for a while.
The fifth son, Pte Charles HANDCOCK, sailed on June 3rd with 37th
Battalion, and is looking forward to meeting his brothers in France.

Wangaratta Chronicle Saturday October 21, 1916
... The 37th Battalion landed in France early in October. Cables to this
effect have been received by Wangaratta and district residents from their sons.

Wangaratta Chronicle Saturday December 2, 1916
... Thirty-Seventh Battalion - .. Our battalion moved on to the front
Wednesday, 22nd November, but we are unable to say at present their

Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday March 28, 1917
Lance-Cpt. James LESLIE, writing to Mr Ted GIBB, of Moyhu, from France on
25th January, says he has been in the trenches for 30 days, and at time of
writing was attending a signalling school. In the trenches he had 8
signallers under him. Billy FORGE went into hospital with trench feet,
Archie PATTERSON is all right, Wattie ROBERTSON got four fingers injured;
Jim NEWTON went into hospital with mumps; Arnie FORGE and Norman SEARLE
arrived in France last week.
Wangaratta Chronicle Saturday March 31, 1917
Pte. Wm. FORGE, of Myrrhee, has left hospital in England after being
treated for trench feet. He expects to return to France shortly.
Mr and Mrs T JARROTT, Myrrhee, have received letters from their sons,
Sergt-Major W. T. JARROTT and Pte. J. M. JARROTT. The former says he
celebrated his 21st birthday in the trenches and received birthday presents
and greetings. He was resting behind the firing line after being 48 days
in the midst of it..The latter says he is still in hospital, where he is
treated with every kindness, in fact they are spoiling him as when he
returns to the trenches he will miss the luxuries bestowed on him. He is
anxious to return to the front to help his comrades in the great struggle
for freedom.

Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday June 6, 1917
L.-Cpl Jas F LESLIE, writing to Miss M A BYRNE, 'Sunnyside' Moyhu, from
France, 12/3/1917, says he was well and out of the trenches for an
indefinite period. He was then out a week and hoped it would last for some
time, as he was having a good time, not much work to do and getting well
fed, which was the main thing. He enjoyed getting his Australian letters
and liked to hear of all his old friends. He hoped by the next time he
wrote his rank would be altered to Corporal.

Wangaratta Chronicle Saturday June 30, 1917
Mr and Mrs T JARROTT, of Myrrhee, received word on Wednesday that their
son, Sgt William JARROTT, has been reported missing. Sgt JARROTT was on
the staff of the Wangaratta State School when he enlisted.

Wangaratta Chronicle Saturday July 7, 1917
Sergt.-Major W T JARROTT, writing to his parents, Mr and Mrs T JARROTT,
Myrrhee, from "Somewhere in France" says he has just been in a heavy
engagement in which he received a slight wound in the face. His company
received special mention for bravery and he was promoted to Warrant
Officer. He was sending home a souvenir which he took from a pack he
seized while making a raid on an enemy trench. Charlie and Henry HANDCOCK,
Leslie and Arnold FORGE, Jim LESLIE and Horace BRIDGER are all with
him. The two latter are now Corporals. He speaks of the severity of the
winter which lasts for six months in this part of the world, and despite
all the clothes he had on he felt the cold severely. He says he was in the
best of spirits and going strong. (Srgt. Major JARROTT has been reported
missing since 9th June.).
Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday July 11, 1917
Yesterday Mr and Mrs Thos JARROTT, of Myrrhee, received the painful news that their son,
Sergeant-Major William Thomas JARROTT had been killed in action in France
on 9th June. The information was conveyed to the parents by Mr TOWNSEND,
of St Columb's Hall, who met Mr and Mrs JARROTT on the arrival of the
Whitfield train at Wangaratta. Sgt.-Major JARROTT was 21 years of age, a
native of Moyhu, and eldest son. He enlisted in January 1916, with the
37th Battalion. He trained at Seymour, and went through the N.C.O's at
Port Melbourne, and rose to the rank of sergeant, and when he left he
carried that rank. He went through several training schools in England and
also the musketry school at Heyling Island. He landed in France on 23rd
November, and went into action a few days later. He fought at Armentiers
and also in other big pushes. He was slightly wounded in the face on one
occasion, but did not leave the lines. While on the field he was raised to
the rank of Sergeant-Major. Since he left Australia he has corresponded
regularly with his parents, and interesting extracts from some of the
letters were published in "The Chronicle". Mr and Mrs JARROTT received
word on 27th June that their son was reported missing, and since then they
have had four letters from him. Prior to enlisting Sgt.-Major JARROTT took
a deep interest in church and Sunday School matters, and was a teacher at
Holy Trinity Cathedral Sunday School. He was a very smart young fellow,
and gained his merit certificated at an early age, and after doing a course
at the High School joined the Education Department, his first appointment
being at Myrtleford school. While in Wangaratta he took an interest in the
Rowing Club, and played football with local teams. He was of a quiet
nature, and his pleasant manner made him popular with his mates and
scholars and with all who knew him. A brother, Pte J M JARROTT, enlisted
at the same time, and is still fighting in France. Brothers of the
deceased young hero are Albert E, Reginald J, Algernon V and Aubery F
JARROTT, and his sisters are Annie Myrtle, Martha L and Edith A M JARROTT,
all of whom live at Myrrhee. The sympathy of the people of the district
will go out to Mr and Mrs JARROTT in their loss of a devoted son; but they
have the satisfaction of knowing that he did his duty bravely and honorably.

Wangaratta Chronicle Saturday July 14, 1917
Lance-Cpl J F LESLIE (Sig.) of Moyhu, has been promoted to Cpl. .

Letter from Archie PATTERSON, France, 21 August 1918 to Miss Linda
PATTERSON, 68 Nimms Street, Middle Park, redirected to "Wallacedale"
Myrrhee, redirected to Balldale, NSW.
Dear Lin,
.... I suppose you heard poor old Jim [J F LESLIE] got killed up here a
short while ago its hard luck isn't it. I was living in hopes of seeing
him too. His Btn are out in billets now, and they are not very far away
from here. He was killed Lin just as he was coming out of the line just
putting his pack on, a shell fell right beside him. .... Bill JARROTT was
supposed to be blown up with a shell he is reported missing. ... Hoping
this finds you quite well as it leaves me (only for a bit of a stiff
leg) I remain with heaps of love and xxxxxxx from your loving brother Archie.

Wangaratta Chronicle Saturday August 9, 1919
L/Cpl A PATTERSON, son of Mr Wm PATTERSON of Myrrhee, returned on Tuesday,
and reached his home on Thursday evening. He enlisted 23 January 1916,
fought through France and Belgium and was wounded in the knee in Peronne.
L/Cpl Wm FORGE, son of Mr Wm FORGE, Myrrhee, arrived home on Thursday. He
enlisted 12 February and fought in France and Belgium. He suffered from
trench feet.

Wangaratta Chronicle Wednesday August 20, 1919
Myrrhee. In the school on Wednesday evening, a welcome home was given by
the residents to L/Cpl Will FORGE and L/Cpl Arch PATTERSON who have
returned after three and a half years active service.

 Goller - Mrs Hilda Goller of Hastings Street, Hampton, has been notified that her hausband Captain- Chaplain Alfred Ernest Goller M.A attached to the 37th Battalion A.I.F was killed in action on September 29th 1918. Chaplain Goller, who leaves a family of two boys and two girls, was 35 years of age. He enlisted from Birchip, and was on the BALLARAT when that vessel was torpedoed on Anzac Day 1917. His youngest brother, Sergeant - Saddler H.V. Goller has been four years on active service

Obituary - 1 August 1957
Robertson - The death occurred suddenly on Tuesday of a well-known identity of the Benalla District, Mr James Morley Robertson. Deceased who had been employed by C.J,Gardner of Barina, Benalla for the past 15 yrs collapsed and died while working on the property at 4.30 on Tuesday. Well known and respected his death was due to natural causes. Age 71 yrs and unmarried, he was a veteran of World War One and a Military Medal winner. His two sisters reside at Byrne Street. The funeral took place this (Thursday) afternoon at Benalla Cemetery.